Autumn orders available NOW!

Back-to-school. Changing schedules. Cooler weather. It all makes us eager to get our new planner in your hands so you can having the most confident, fun, healthy fall and holiday prep season ever! Order now to get yours shipped this week!


  • Monthly calendar because we all know how well it works to keep it all in your head, girl… #same, same.

  • Weekly Action Plans to track all of your to-do's each week and feel prepared to rock your goals!

  • GOLD Spiral Binding for a sturdier planner and to make it easier to color/doodle…and to feel fierce, obvi.

  • New Mandalas (as always!) - All the mandalas are hand-drawn again. We have several for you to color in and plenty of space for you to sketch.

  • A Mandala How-To so you can learn how to draw your very own mandalas for added relaxation!

  • Goals Page - A mandala-influenced space to write out all of your wellness goals you're going to rock in the month (and color in)!

  • To-Do Lists - You asked and we listened. This quarter will have more space for you to brain dump and write out all elements of to-do's in your life.

  • Daily Habit Tracker - We kept this feature from last year that allows you to track several habits for the whole month, at a glance, right on your Daily Calendar page.

  • Notes & Wrap-Up Pages in every month, to help you reflect on the month and grow into the next one.

  • Monthly Inspirational Quotes - Because sometimes we all need a reminder of just how special and powerful we are!

  • Weekly Affirmations - We believe in the power of positive thinking, of putting your intentions out there, of manifesting. Having your affirmations right there on your weekly page will keep them top of mind and allow you to practice with your affirmations every day. (Not sure what affirmations are - check out this blog post Laura wrote.)


Ready to start your journey to a MORE RADIANT you?

Women's Wellness Planner - Hand-drawn Mandala

Why Mandalas? 

The word mandala means "sacred circle" and has been used since ancient times to evoke healing and positive energy. Combined with coloring, mandalas can help support relaxation, peace, and tranquility. Mandalas symbolize the cycle of life, wholeness, unity, and growth. How beautiful is that?!

We think they're the perfect symbol and reminder for all that you are and all that you do! As creatives, we know that art and creativity can be a form of meditation, as well as help you reach your goals and provide clarity. That's why you'll find plenty of blank mandalas and opportunities to unleash your creativity throughout the planner.

Women's Wellness Planner

What is the Women's Wellness Planner?

Thank you so much for asking! The Women's Wellness Planner is a new and revolutionary planner designed by busy women for busy women. It's a tool to help you be intentional about your goals, track your progress, and reflect on where you are right now and where you are going. It's filled with amazing mandalas, inspirational quotes, encouragement from us, and plenty of space for you to be creative and dream big!

Let's get one thing straight, though; this is not an appointment book, a scheduler, a to-do list, or a any other item that keeps track of your appointments and the seemingly endless list of tasks you need to accomplish. (By the way, we feel ya! Some days that list is so long we just want to go back to bed. This just isn't the place for those items.) Like we said, this planner is different! It's all about you and your personal health and wellness.

Each month we'll ask you to set some goals in different areas of your life. We call these Zones of Awesome - cute name right?! We picked it because these areas are where we can focus our energies and intentions to become, well, awesome! We've provided space for you to track some of those zones on a daily basis, like water intake, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, self-care, your cycle, and how you are feeling overall. Don't worry, we give you lots of ideas on goals and how to use each section. 

At the end of each month we'll ask you to spend some time reflecting on the month as a whole - we also suggest doing this with a glass of wine. We both know that reflection is extremely important to success in any area of your life. You need to take a step back to get perspective, see where you need to make adjustments, and celebrate where you are rocking it! 

Women's Wellness Planner