How to Find Your "You Go, Girl!" Support System

How to Find Your "You Go, Girl!" Support System & Accountability Partner  |  Women's Wellness Planner

Hello, Gorgeous! And welcome to Day 5! Wow! You are rockin’ this 7 Ways to Start 2017 Right series! Now that you have reviewed your past year, set your upcoming goals, and created affirmations around those, it’s important to remember that this is never a journey you walk alone. Having a support system or accountability partner is essential to helping you dream big and achieve your goals.


Here are 5 quick reasons why having an accountability partner or strong support system helps you:

1. They are your biggest cheerleader

For those days you can’t muster all the “Yes! I can do this!” yourself, they’re there for you to remind you why you’re awesome and how you’re going to change the world.


2. They challenge you

Helping make the impossible seem possible is such a huge help. When you look at your goals and aren’t sure you can totally nail them (which is a good sign, and means your goals are big enough!), they are there to simultaneously remind you that you’re awesome as you are and challenge you to drive forward and dream bigger. They won’t let you talk yourself out of big dreams.


3. They help you measure and self-check

Just like setting SMART goals helps you better measure, having someone outside of your own head helps you clearly look at where you were, how far you’ve come, and how much further you can reach.


4. They validate your ideas and dreams

Sometimes we may be a little…hesitant…to truly reach to the stars for everything we deserve (does that word make you uncomfortable?-Blog coming out next month about that topic, sister!). A solid accountability partner helps remind you just how worthy you are of big dreams and an extraordinary life. On your brightest days, they’ll share your joy, and on your darkest days, they’ll be there to remind you of your unique, beautiful self and all that is ahead of you to accomplish.


5. They will celebrate with you

Most importantly, an accountability partner is there to “YEAAAAAH GIRL!!!” when it is time to be excited! Whether this is totally smashing a goal, or whether it’s making it through a tough morning at work that you never thought you’d survive, they are there to high-five (in person or virtually) your wins. No matter how big or small they seem.

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Finding a support system or accountability partner may seem like quite a task, but trust me when I say that if you’re wishing and working for it, those people will rise up around you quite easily. Getting clear on your own goals, and then not being afraid to share them, will naturally attract those around you with similar visions. This may be in person with friends or online in forums or accountability groups.

Be open to how these people may appear in your life. Four years ago, Chelsea and I didn’t even know each other existed. Upon meeting, we both instantly knew we had a soul-sister connection and were on a similar mission in life. Now, we are the greatest friends and accountability partners I could ever hope for.  (Chelsea feels that way too!)

Some of the most important factors that contribute to our relationship are that…


We are both ridiculously busy, trying to balance the insanity that is Silicon Valley life, running our own households and fostering our relationships, practicing some self-care, growing our own businesses, traveling frequently to support and love on long-distance relatives and friends… It’s never boring in our lives. This allows us to both cut ourselves and each other some slack when we overfill our plates (tough for two very type A, OCD individuals), while having each other’s backs and still staying focused on our bigger visions.



We love to think big, which, in the insanity of day-to-day tasks, can sometimes get lost on our own. Having Chelsea remind me that dirty dishes are no big deal when I’m working on a business that will someday empower millions of women around the world keeps things in perspective. We aren’t afraid to put “big stuff” out there because we know someone will be there to remind us to stay focused on those big dreams and allow some of the little stuff to slide.



Without having trust, it can be hard to dig deep and really be open about your fears, struggles, and dreams. The ability to be vulnerable with Chelsea about all aspects of life has been one of my biggest factors to healing and success for me. (And for her too!)



We are incredibly similar in some ways and somewhat different in others. We have a wonderful blend of talents, abilities, and visions. Finding someone who “gets you,” but also compliments you and your powers is so very important. On days where I simply can’t muster the brainpower for a certain task, Chelsea is so skillful at hopping in and handling it or helping me figure out how I can get it done (or, in a self-care way, helping me realize that putting it off until tomorrow will not be the end of the world!). Realizing what is in your own wheelhouse and what is better to hand over to someone else is priceless.


To help you start finding an accountability partner for the AMAZING upcoming year, make sure you have your goals clearly written (check our posts for help on that here). Then use those to help you search for your tribe:

  • ONLINE - Look for groups that fits your personality and will help serve your goals. Get active in those groups, sharing your skills and thoughts and asking for help achieving your goals.
  • IN PERSON - Start talking to those around you. Tell everyone about your goals. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for help achieving them.

You’ll be surprised by the people who will rise up to help you and be inspired by all you have to offer. Now go build your support system!  

We’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow on how to keep caring for yourself while chasing those big ole’ dreams!


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