setting goals

Setting SMART(er) Goals

Welcome to Day 3 of “7 Ways to Start 2017 Right!” 

It doesn’t take long to realize that we are both all about setting and smashing goals! Maybe it’s the Type A, slightly OCD personality we both have. Or maybe it’s because we’ve seen firsthand how amazing things happen when you write them down, work hard for them, and put them out into the universe. (Okay, so it’s probably both!)

Setting goals, whether for wellness, career, relationships, mental & emotional well being, or any other facet of your life, is so very important. They help you build your very own roadmap to follow (which, if you have a sense of direction like I do, is sooo important!). They are essential for helping you turn dreams and desires into reality and for making sure you remember to fill your cup.

Today's we'll be share a really handy way to set your goals so you can actually achieve them!