101+ Ways to Practice Self-Care

It’s already Day 6 of our 7 Ways to Start 2017 Right and the last day of 2016! We’ve covered several strategies to get yourself ready for the new year. Today we wanted to remind you of something. In the midst of all your planning and achieving (which we know you are going to ROCK!), it’s important to pause and do something for yourself.

Self-care is an important aspect of success. We’ve said it before we we mean it - you can’t fill anyone else’s cup if your cup is empty. We recently wrote a blog post all about what self-care is (and isn’t). Today we wanted to give you some ideas for practicing self-care - 101+ of them!


The holidays always make us a little more thankful for those around us and for all the blessings in our lives. I spend a lot more time writing heart-felt notes at Christmas than the rest of year. But what would happen if we did that on a regular-basis - spend time telling those around us that we care about them? That they are appreciated? Telling the universe that we are thankful for all the things in our life? What would happen?