Ever have one of those moments you reach down to tie your shoe and your hamstrings say “hello there, what the heck do you think you’re doing?!” or you try to get down on the floor to play with your kids and finding a comfortable position seems impossible? If yes, it may be time to add more stretching into your life!

Let’s be honest, stretching is generally the forgotten about part of any physical activity routine (and daily life in general), but can greatly help your flexibility, your daily aches and pains, and even your stress level! As little as 10 minutes of stretching is known to help calm you so you can refocus on your day.

If you’d like to feel and harness any of these benefits, I’d love to have you join the Oh My Fitness 30 Day Stretching Challenge! It will consist of daily stretching routines hitting your inbox (ones that can be done at home, ones that can be done in your office, even ones you can do in the car!), 2 live stretching “boot camps,” and physical activity PDFs you can take anywhere.

It’s completely online, so even if you’re a big traveler (like I am!) you can handle this routine! It kicks off April 1st and is just $12! Spots are limited, so sign up here today