Reflection (Part 2): Why It's Okay You Didn't Meet All of Your 2016 Goals

Reflection (Part 2): Why It's Okay You Didn't Meet All of Your 2016 Goals  |  Women's Wellness Planner Blog

Welcome to Day 2 of “7 Ways to Start 2017 Right!” Yesterday we chatted about all your goals and dreams you had for 2016 and celebrated all of the amazing things you accomplished. Today we are going to take a look at the rest of your 2016 list.

Now, before we get started, I want you to know a few things:

  1. You are perfect just the way you are! Need more convincing? Listen to this song. It’s about YOU, beautiful!
  2. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now and you have done exactly what was needed to bring you to this moment.

Repeat those two things to yourself (outloud) until they feel like truth to you - because they are. They are truth.

You are PERFECT just the way you are!  |  Women's Wellness Planner Blog

Once you truly believe that you are amazing and that you are in the exact right place right now, then it becomes so easy to let yourself off the hook for all the things that “didn’t get done,” to give yourself grace for being human. 

Speaking of those things that didn’t get done, let’s take a closer look at them. Remember those lists we made yesterday? Pull them out again. Let’s look at your goals and dreams for 2016 - remember, this is an unedited version that contains everything you wanted to accomplish in 2016. Go ahead and cross off the things you accomplished. Many of these should be on the second list we made yesterday along with many other things you accomplished unintentionally.

Now, let’s look at what’s left on the list. Here is where we really need to use our reflection muscle. We are going to analyze each item on your list to determine why we didn’t accomplish it and whether it is still important to us.

You see, many times when we set big goals, we aren’t specific. We have big hopes and dreams and think we know exactly how everything will play out. And then life happens. Those well-laid plans get demolished and we get stuck in a cycle of survival - just getting through each day. And you know what, that’s okay! This happens to us ALL, including Laura and me!

But we don’t want that to happen in 2017 (at least as much as we can control). We want to be able to recognize when we’ve slipped back into “survival mode” so we can pull ourselves out of it and get back to really living. To do that, let’s look at 2016 and see what happened. These same blocks are going to come up again and again.

Give Yourself Grace  |  Women's Wellness Planner Blog

I want you to spend time now really analyzing everything you didn’t do in 2016. For each item, goal, dream, determine if you didn’t accomplish it because of a block or because it was no longer important to you. If it was the latter, put a line through it on your list and let go of it. If you’d like, you can thank it for shaping your path. Honor it and then release it back to the universe.

If it was the former, you’ll need to spend time with that, determining what exactly the block is, understanding where it comes from, and trying to release yourself from it. A therapists and self-help books are going to be a great resources for you on your journey to freeing yourself from blocks. You’ll also need to decide if that item, goal, dream is still important to you. If it is, let’s add it to your 2017 goals! There is a reason you didn’t accomplish this in 2016. Your path wasn’t ready for you to achieve that yet, but it is now. Now is the time. Now is when you will flourish and shine!

Tomorrow Laura’s going to be talking all about setting goals and how to make a plan for success so you rock your 2017 goals! 


Join us the rest of this week for Parts 3-7 of 7 Ways to Start 2017 Right. 

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Reflection (Part 2): Why It's Okay You Didn't Meet All of Your 2016 Goals  |  Women's Wellness Planner Blog