Ever heard the phrase "Your vibe attracts your tribe?" We are big believers in this phrase, and sit in big gratitude that the fabulous Allie Becker is a part of our tribe. She is a gorgeous light in so many lives, and today she is here to share her beautiful spiritual journey and how you can start on yours when you feel called to a higher path in life. 

A Boss Lady in Saturn Return | Guest Blog Post on WomensWellnessPlanner.com

     I’m pretty sure everyone has an “oh, shit” moment sometime in their late twenties.

You wake up one morning, perfectly pleased in your current situation. You are unaware. Maybe you ride the train to work, and you gripe over text to your friends about how awful your commute is. Then, you count the hours until hell-on-earth work is done and it’s time to go home and turn on the TV. You’ve done this on autopilot for as long as you can remember now. It’s your life, on repeat. This day ends up being a little different than the rest, though. Maybe it’s right before you tap send on that text, or the instant you click “yes” when Netflix gets judgey and asks if you are still watching. Like magic, a little bit of the curtain of the mundane shifts. You can see through to the inner workings of your life, and even though it may just be for a moment, it’s enough to create a rushing river full of uncertainty, questioning, and ultimately: inspiration and enlightenment. Oh, shit indeed.

If you are a super spiritual sister, like myself, you’d refer to your “oh, shit” curtain-shifting moment as your Saturn Return. Astrologically, this means that Saturn has returned to your zodiac sign after one full rotation around the sun. Saturn’s orbit takes about 29.5 years, which means that right before you finish your thirtieth trip around the sun on Spaceship Earth, you may also be welcoming a pretty wild dude to your life’s party.

To give you some perspective, Saturn rejoined my life’s fiesta on October 3, 2016.  I know this was the day, because I wrote in my planner, “You became enlightened today. Don’t forget this. Creative energy found you because you were feeling open.” Thank you, super serious Allie. All joking aside though, that was the day I became very clear around the fact that I was letting my life circumstances choose my paths for me (and not the other way around). I also realized that, as a result, I had turned into a pretty negative person, and I was probably a total drag on other people’s energy. I resolved to a commitment then—that I would start a quest to become my most fulfilled self, I would take the parking brake off my life and actually set out to do the things that make my heart sing, and, most importantly, I would inhabit a world of light and positivity as I marched forward on my mission.

Just a few weeks later, on a plane ride home from a professional development, I was reading one of my favorite starter manuals to the realm of all things ethereal—The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon. When I came to page 143, I nearly threw my book all the damn way to first class. Here’s what it said:

“For example, there is a huge chance you are reading this chapter in either your late twenties or late fifties. These times in our lives are called our Saturn return—transit times when your life will have huge shifts and you will experience a zoom out moment with everything you have achieved or not achieved in life up until your twenty-ninth or fifty-ninth year. These times are so you can reflect, analyze, make choices, and move forward into the new case of your life, and it can often be a stressful or challenging year or people as they make changes and implement the shift.”  

Shut the front door. This was EXACTLY what was happening to me—and to you too, probably, if you’ve read this far. So, what is a lady boss in the midst of a Saturn Return to do? As someone who is still working her way out to the other side, I’m here to offer you a list of I call “read. listen. do.” I’ve found these three prongs to be immeasurably helpful in organizing my newfound journey to embracing this new outlook on life. This month’s read. listen. do. is mostly focused around the idea of “now what?” If you’ve realized you want to get more in tune with Universe, God, your intuition, the Earth, or your goals…what do you do next?  

July's READ. LISTEN. DO. | WomensWellnessPlanner.com

July’s read. listen. do.

read: Start by checking out this article on astrostyle.com  This is an amazing website and life resource run by my favorite twin astrologers, Ophira and Tali Edut. I manage my social calendar pretty exclusively by their horoscopes, and I love their podcast about the astrological month ahead as well. Their Saturn Return article is a great introduction to what this tumultuous time will mean to you.

Then, you should check out Emma’s book (yep, the same one that caused me to create a scene on the plane), The Soul Searcher’s Handbook.  Read this dude cover-to-cover--you won’t regret it. Then, use him as a reference when you’re trying to figure out what spiritual enhancement you want to sample next. Emma’s message really resonates with a laid-back interpretation of spirituality—meaning that as a disciple of wellness, you can and should pick the practices that work best for you.


listen: That’s So Retrograde saved many of my commutes when I was still driving to San Francisco, and I highly recommend you add this to your pod list. Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are the exact duo that you want to start your wellness journey with, trust. These ladies approach topics in spirituality and wellness with an irreverent and inquisitive nature, without judgement or reservations. They will introduce you to so many topics in the this realm, from shamans to Yoni eggs (Don’t know what a Yoni egg is? Google it. You are welcome), and they will do it in such an open and positive manner that you might forget for a moment that you are engaging in the practice of expanding your worldview.


do: I challenge you to try one of the practices in Emma’s book, or take a deep dive into one of the companies or gurus interviewed on That’s So Retrograde. See if you can find one practice that fits your lifestyle, and add it to your arsenal—especially if you have invited Saturn back to your rager of a party!



Thank you, Allie, for sharing your kick-ass journey with us. If her writing made you laugh out loud, nod your head, or say "Aha!" then make sure to head to her website for even more inspiration and tips!