August 2017 Printable Calendar & Tech Pretties |

Helllllooo, August! We are so excited for this month because we have (less) travel and more time to get caught up on #allthethings. For many of you, school is starting, which means routines are returning and you'll be back in a rhythm soon. And after a crazy couple of months (scratch that - it's been a crazy year!), we are so excited to get back to our routines and rhythms!

One tool that is helping us get back into a routine - especially with our healthy habits - is our Women's Wellness Planner. You can still grab one to kickstart your wellness this month. It's on sale for just $10 all month long. 

In honor of the last few days of beach/pool weather before summer ends, we have some adorable sunglasses designs for you this month. As always, our mandalas are hand-drawn by Laura and digitized by Chelsea. You can grab one for all of your devices and even print out a coloring page to help you get your zen on. We actually love printing out the mandalas each month and putting it inside our planner. At least one day a week, we'll take a little bit of "me time" and color a portion of the design. By the end of the month, it's all finished and we've spent at least a few hours on self-care. We'd call that a win-win. ;)

Speaking of self-care - we have a couple blog posts coming up this month that are going to shed some light on some fun ways to practice self-care that aren't meditating or taking a bath. We're really excited to share them with you! So keep an eye out for that. 

Without further ado, here are the links to download this the 2017 August Calendar & Tech Pretties. This month we are providing options for the images both with and without the calendar on it. Let us know if you like this and we'll continue it in the future. 

August 2017 Printable Calendar & Tech Pretties | Women's Wellness Planner

Downloads are for personal use only, please. Thanks, love! 

We'd love to see how you are using these! Tag us on social media (@womenswellnessplanner) or send us an email - Enjoy!