We always hear we “should” be drinking more water, but why should we really? Here are eight quick and powerful reasons!


1. Life! We literally cannot exist without water, and we have to constantly replenish it. What else will you actually die from if you go without it for three days?! Water scarcity causes wars and hardship, while abundance can cure disease and troubles.

2. Our bodies are comprised 80% of water! The brain is roughly 85% water, the blood 80%, most tissue around 50%, and those muscles of yours: 70% water. Pretty crazy, right?

3. “You’re irreplaceable!” Sure, fruits and veggies get you a bit of water, but there’s nothing compared to water itself to help nourish you. Other liquids, especially those with caffeine or liquor, actually dehydrate you.

4. It plays an essential role in clarity and mental focus. Just a 2% drop in your body water level can trigger things like difficulty focusing, mental fuzziness, and trouble with basic fine motor skills or math.

5. It’s the natural “detox” and immune support. Water naturally clears waste out of your system and keeps your cells hydrated enough to fight off disease. Water helps keep your system balanced and nourished properly.

6. Cir-cu-late! Water and high levels of hydration keep your energy levels high. When you’re better hydrated your oxygen levels are actually higher in your body, so hello to better workouts, better mood, and a better day overall!

7. Cool it! Water is your body’s natural cooling system! Your body will absorb 8 ounces of water within 15 minutes, so it’s imperative when there’s any sort of stress on the body. We mostly think of this in the heat, but don’t forget it’s equally important when it’s cold outside (that’s stressful on your body, too!).

8. The ultimate transporter Water is the magic behind transporting waste and stored fat out of our system, as well as metabolizes and moves the protein and carbs that we eat. Choo choooooo…


Other helpful tips:

-Use the “pee test.” In general, if your urine is clear/very light yellow, you are properly hydrated. If it’s darker, get yourself to that water fountain!

-The standard we hear about water is 8 glasses per day, but that truly varies from individual to individual. A more consistent number to shoot for is: divide your weight in pounds by two, drink that amount of water in ounces each day.

-For your personalized Hydration Challenge based on your weight and activity level, email Laura at laura@ohmyfitness.com 

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