Self-care: What is it, already?

Women's Wellness Planner Blog  |  Self-Care - What Is It & Why You Need To Be Practicing It

Nowadays, we hear the term "self-care" thrown around like crazy! We get asked often what it is and why we love it so much.

At it's heart, self-care is any preventative or corrective practice to help your mind, body, and soul heal. ⠀

Ever heard the phrase "You can't pour from an empty cup?" Self-care helps you fill your cup, so in turn, you can pour into others (because, girl, we know you're doing that allllll the time: running around taking care of everyone else!).⠀

This can include anything from exercise and clean eating, to stress management techniques and personal development, to social and family connections and support. 

We love that self-care is making a (crucial!) comeback and can't wait to use our Women's Wellness Planner to help us with that in 2017! Grab yours here. 

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